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GOAL offers the highest quality of tissue allograft therapeutics that stimulate the human body’s own repair mechanisms and accelerate self-healing to improve patient lives.


About Us

GOAL is harnessing the human body's innate power to rejuvenate and regenerate safely via minimally invasive, science-based, clinically proven applications of tissue allografts to accelerate self healing.

Our main focus is on developing innovative solutions by advancing cutting-edge healthcare technologies in Regenerative Medicine. We apply a rigorous, science-based approach in developing new products , and that ensures optimal quality, efficacy, and effectiveness in addressing several health challenges.


We seek to offer the highest quality of safe and scientifically based products that support the best health outcomes at lower financial cost with no adverse health side effects.


To induce, enhance, and enable the human body to self repair.

What is
Regenerative Medicine?

Watch the video featuring Dr. Ben Arthur to learn more about what is regenerative medicine and how Goal Therapeutics’ products are helping the body heal with the power of nature.

GOAL Products


Provides support for regeneration, repair, and scarless healing.

This tissue allograft product is made from minimally manipulated human umbilical tissue. The main components are mucous connective tissue, Wharton’s Jelly, perivascular fibers of the umbilical cord. Injectable and topical applications.


Supports repair, regeneration, and modulation of inflammation in large joints and cavities, etc.

WJELPROX is also a tissue allograft product derived from minimally manipulated umbilical tissue. The main components are Wharton’s Jelly, collagen fibers, and growth factors.


Provides support for repair, scarless healing, and antimicrobial action of inflammation.

This tissue allograft suspension is made from a minimally amniotic membrane. AMNIOZEN is an orthobiologic adjunct that modulates wound healing by downregulating inflammation.


Provides a protective covering that enhances wound healing with reduced scarring.

This patch product is made from minimally processed dehydrated amniotic membrane. It is used as a protective wound covering and healing support since it provides regenerative and growth factors.

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Our state of the art laboratory coupled with automated processes and quality assurance measures, position us well to produce high-quality products that bring significant improvements in the lives of patients.

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