Dr. Benjamin Arthur

Chief Scientific Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Benjamin Arthur, Dr.rer.Nat./PhD is a founding partner and the ChiefOperating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of GOAL Therapeutics LLC, a company that produces tissue allografts (stem cells) and patches for use in Regenerative Medicine. He is the Chief Scientific Officer for Aeon Global Health Corporation. Dr. Arthur is Chief Scientific Officer for Lifestyle Genetics, LLC. He is the founder of The Right Shake, LLC, a company that produces meal replacements customized to each consumer’s unique genetic profile, etc. Dr. Arthur was the founder and Chair of Scientific Advisory of Decision Genetics Inc, and also the founder and managing partner of PONZ, LLC. As Co-founder and Vice-President for Global Life Sciences for Ventis Partners Inc., he helped over 15 startup technology companies identify opportunities in the healthcare technology space and guided them from concept to commercialization. He also helped resurrect several declining small technology companies by repurposing their technologies to address new markets. Dr. Arthur has co-founded and held C- Level positions in R&D during which he built high complexity commercial laboratories for developing and processing biologics and for diagnostics used for analysis of human genetics. He also led them successfully through FDA compliance inspections. As part of his contribution to shifting the paradigm from the  traditional approach of “Diagnose and Treat” to the more affordable and “Predict and Prevent” approach which has better outcomes in healthcare, Dr. Arthur has developed biologics for Regenerative Medicine and also genetic test panels in Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics to support healthcare and lifestyle coaching professionals in personalizing patient/client care.

Arthur has a strong multi-disciplinary background from practical training in clinical research at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD, The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. He has held scholarships and fellowships at various renowned international Institutes including in Neuroinformatics at The Swiss Technology Institute (ETHZ) in Zurich, Neurobiology at Free University in Berlin, Genetics at University of Wuerzburg, and also NIH Postdoctoral fellow in Neurogenetics at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA.

Arthur was Senior Research Scientist at the University of Zurich where he worked on manipulating genes in the brain to study instinctive behavior and trained graduate students. He made some major contributions in his scientific field including the discovery of a new biological structure/organ in animal model, etc. He holds doctorates in Molecular Genetics and Behavior Neuroscience from University Of Zurich, Switzerland; MS in Applied Mathematics from Courant Institute of New York University, New York; Executive Masters in Technology Management from Wharton School of Business & UPenn Engineering; Bachelor degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology from St.Olaf College.

Dr. Ben Arthur Goal Therapeutics